Reckless Love

       I have been thinking about my Aunt Kathryn a lot lately. That is quite normal since she passed away last week and her funeral was yesterday. I love some of the memories that have surfaced since her passing. The way a person makes you feel is the thing that sticks with you. Aunt Kathryn always made me feel loved and special. Yes, she also always told me to stand up straight. A lesson I was doomed to forget often and needed constant reminding. But she was the person who stepped in when my Father died and allowed my Mom, Brother and I to live with her for a short period of time. I learned to drink Rose Hip Tea and honey and eat raw almonds. She dotted on me and took me to get my haircut at beauty shops. I was six and just starting first grade at the time and I reveled in her love and attention. Sometimes she even loved me a bit recklessly….and if you have ever been lucky enough to be loved recklessly you are indeed blessed by the experience. Aunt Kathryn made me a pink velvet pant suit, she was an excellent seamstress. It was magnificent and made me feel like a princess. That may not sound extravagant but would you put a first grader in a velvet pant suit that needed to be dry cleaned? Logic would shout a loud NO!!! But love defies logic often. My Aunt worked at a switchboard for the telephone company and was not wealthy. She saved her money and was quite familiar with a budget. As an adult I have heard the story that she ran out of money for the dry cleaning and had to quit getting it dry cleaned because it started to cost too much, but that is precisely what makes her love so reckless, extravagant and beautiful. It reminds me of the special time when Jesus was loved recklessly, when expensive perfume was dumped on his feet. Being loved recklessly, a gift few people are given in a lifetime. Thank you Aunt Kathryn!


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  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Connie.

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