It was a Cold Dark Night… of the best beginnings ever!

It was a cold dark night. The sound of an owl screeched through air as the trees rustled in the wind. (Ok, really I just can’t sleep and I am just trying to romanticize the experience. Let the romance continue…. ) The loud snapping of branches and leaves under foot echoed into the silence of the night. I headed for the cabin that had become my retreat….my writing cabin, my thinking cabin, my secret garden. It stood at the edge of a clearing and I hurried to reach it as the cold night air slowly seeped through my robe and slippers. One should think before wondering around in the woods in night clothes. As I approached the cabin it looked lonely and abandoned but I thought I saw some movement in the window. The owl screeched again and I dismissed the feeling quickly.  Lifting the latch the door groaned against the rust and age of the hinges. Suddenly the winds snapped around the cabin jerking the door from my hands and with a loud crash slammed the door wide open against the outside wall of the cabin. I reached for it, with effort pulled it closed behind me, as I did I heard the latch drop into place with a clink. I reached for the string in the middle of the room that would turn on the single light bulb that hung in the center of the room. As I reached for the string, I was distracted by the bright crescent moon shining over the pine trees. I wandered over to the window and looked out. It was beautiful. I marveled at the clear night sky and the numerous stars as they twinkled in the distance. I heard movement behind me and my heart dropped like a rusty nail in a bucket. I slowly turned around to face the dark room and I saw nothing so I slowly reached for the string wishing I had more light. The light blazed as I pulled the string but still I saw nothing. I looked around the room in disbelief. I was a bit unnerved….but I saw nothing of an alarming nature. I walked around the room checking for the unknown movement and finally settled down.

Finding a match and a candle I again turned off the light so I could enjoy the soft glow of the candle. I pulled out my laptop and began to write. As words started appearing on the page the memorizing sound of keys softly clicking and the gentle sway of ideas flowing, allowed me to settle into a comfortable lull. The soft tapping continued for some time. I noticed that the night wind was beginning to push through the branched of the pine trees with a great deal more force and I was starting to realize that I needed to head back to the house. It was going to be a cold walk in my night clothes. When I not so much heard as felt the movement again. I could feel eyes on me and a chill ran down my spine. As I turned around I saw vacant green eyes staring at me as they reflected the light of the candle. They didn’t move they just stared from behind a box at the edge of the room. Not knowing exactly what I was dealing with I blew out the candle and bolted for the door. As I lifted the latch the wind once again slammed the door open hitting the outside wall but this time I didn’t shut it….I ran though the clearing and into the house. As my breathing slowed, I wondered what it was……. I guess I will never know. ( My kitchen teacup clock reads 3:00a.m. I think I will go back and crawl into my covers. It is my hope that the illusive sleep creature attacks me and lulls me gently into a comma until some unknown time in the future.)


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