The Conversation

“When we awaken to Beauty we become aware of new ways of being in the world.”

John O’Donohue from Divine Beauty

The building was brick with dark intricately carved paneling on one side of the room, the lighting springs from low hanging lights that split the distance between floor and ceiling, allowing the ceiling to remain shrouded in black. The lights themselves are colored with hues of reds and oranges and the chairs are set up in circular fashion around the piano, bass, and drum set. A small salt water aquarium bubbles on one side of the room and a fairly large inventory of pianos flank the remainder of the darkly lit room. Excitement builds as friendly chit chat gets louder with each arrival. The mood is that of anticipation.

People move about the room saying hello to familiar faces and introducing themselves to others as they take their seats. The musicians mingle freely with the crowd shaking hands and hugging friends. An artist prepared to sketch tries several seats around the room looking for the right vantage point.  Slowly the people begin to settle into their seats and the musicians migrate to their instruments. The music rings into the evening, and the conversation begins.

The conversation emerges with the first note of the piano and the soft rustle of the bristles on the head of the drum. It continues as fingers quickly move from one fret to the other up and down the neck of the bass resounding to the corners of the dark room then circling and whirling back into the center of the room. The piano takes the lead and becomes the keynote speaker. It captures the audience’s attention and leads them into the conversation with its natural charm.

The music crafted and syncopated into energy like a cool breeze touching the untouchable. Refined and delicate it softly blankets the room, soothing the broken like a healing ointment, tickling the austere like a child pestering his father, settling on the restless like a strong cup of tea.  It is a conversation that transcends words and speaks to each heart in the room. The conversation continues into the night as the artist’s picture begins to take shape so does the topic of the evening and yet few words have been spoken.

The evening continues with volunteers who are asked to sit on the piano bench and read a poem. As the poem is read the musicians play, it is light hearted and fun. One member of the audience asks to recite a poem in Russian, with permission granted the musicians play. It is a moment when the obvious is stated. The music transcends the words on the page. A cool unifying breeze moves quickly around the room and the conversation continues.

As the evening concludes with a smooth syncopated beat, the artist’s picture takes shape with energy captured and like the picture, the conversation continues.  A pleasant understanding rests on the audience as some recognize that for a moment we were all connected to the colossal. The tickle of the awesome ran down each spine, the whisper of beauty entered each ear and the breeze of God brushed each arm. It was a brief moment causing each participant to close their eyes, tilt their heads and feel that delicate transcending connection that touches the soul…. and the conversation continues…


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