New Car Dilemma

My car is 20 years old and the odometer reads 213,000 on it. It leaks, squeaks, and moans. The mechanic says it will be 2,000 dollars to fix it and the mechanic is my son so all labor is free.  The strangest part of my car is the security system. It randomly locks me inside the car. I have to roll down the window and unlock the car from the outside, with my key while sitting inside the car. My security system unlocks the car when the car is parked and unattended, and most annoying; my car randomly squeals loudly when I unlock the door with the key, this often happens in quiet neighborhoods at night. So the other day I headed off to shop for a car. I did a little research and decided to drive a new four cylinder car that rated well in road tests. I knew it would outshine my old four cylinder car. What happened next was akin to stepping out of a model T and onto the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. After the fog of glitz and glam cleared, I figured out that some old adages are universally true. You can’t judge a book by its cover or a car by its interior design.

As I sat in the driver’s seat. I was caressed with multiple movements which jostled my seat this way and that until I was settled and comfortable.  I looked around …trim in all the right places, leather seats, glowing accents, and a flat screen that sprang to life with the push of a button. Who knew you could start a car with a button?  I felt like Captain Kirk settling into a long shift on the bridge. I was ready for my short test drive. Pulling out of the bay (I mean the car lot). I stepped on the brake a little too hard and with a jerk stopped for the side street. I liked the way it felt at 5mph. Through a neighborhood and on to a main street with traffic going 55mph, I accelerated and the car was responsive and performed well in traffic. I was the first car at a stoplight so I decided to floor the accelerator to see if I liked the power the car possessed. At this point, I was pretty sure I was driving a high performing race car as the beautiful interior of the car was caressing my mind and body. I floored the gas pedal and it accelerated to 55mph. It dawns on me that I was heading down hill. I wanted to radio Scottie in the engine room….. “Is that all she’s got?” The test drive is over and I slowed to reenter the car lot. As I started to back the car into the right space I was surprised when the back-up camera sprang into action. I tried to back with the camera, but it felt too weird so I turned around and backed into the space without the help of the camera.

I may be old school but I want the beauty of my car to lie underneath the hood. Don’t misunderstand me, I still want the interior to be beautiful but one without the other is….shall I say….disappointing. So I will continue to listen to the squeaks and moans of my car. I will laugh when the security system locks me in the car and I will smile as my car howls loudly into the night.



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