Grace, Beauty and the Trash Truck

The roar of the trash truck echoes through the streets of this crisp, cool, fall morning. I realized that my trash can is not on the curb. I bolt from my kitchen, to the curb in my stocking feet with my trash can in tow.  Disappointed to find that the trash truck has already moved past my house, I feel a little stupid for not getting my trash out on time so I leave my trash can and dart back into the house.  Next, I see  the trash truck backing around the corner just to pick up my trash. I am struck by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the people running the trash truck. I love being on the receiving end of grace. I always feel so special and thankful to live in a world filled with thoughtful people. What is it about grace that strikes the same chord that beauty strikes?

Perhaps it is the fact that I don’t deserve either beauty or grace. It just is. Deep inside I recognize both grace and beauty as a pure, sweet, unadulterated kiss from God. Somehow both seem to surprise me. I view a strikingly beautiful sunset and in the minutes that follow; I am caught up in the beauty as it pulls and tugs at my busy life. It reminds me of the spiritual and in that moment quiets my thoughts so I can enter a momentary bubble of grateful contemplation. My next impulse is to jerk myself out of the bubble and share the experience with someone else. I text my partner or my children to say…..did you see the sunset this evening? It is a moment of connection primarily for me because by the time we alert someone else the moment is beginning to fade. Grace. Beauty. I didn’t deserve it. It just was!

I think I often fail to see grace because I fail to stop, pause and notice the person trying to impart grace.  The enthusiasm, love for life, curiosity to understand, and their simple acceptance of what is, makes children some of my best teachers. It is my prayer that I will simply recognize the grace and beauty around me, like a child. May I pause and allow God’s kiss to warm my being and remind me of the spiritual and so today I pause and say thank you to God for his kiss and thank you to the trash men who allowed God to work through them.


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  1. cyndicryss says:

    I remember several times growing up, when we had to run the trash across the street to the neighbors house before the trash truck did that side of the street….

    Still, recognizing kindness from another is invaluable, priceless. We often go through our lives with our heads down and fail to see the beautiful hearts around us, the precious moments that pass by so fleetingly. We’re so consumed with ourselves that we forget to watch out for each other. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. It brightened my day.

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