Thanksgiving Bummer

Warning this post will be un-Thanksgiving-ish, but I find myself in a the middle of the realization that I would have rather spent my time cooking and eating with the kind gentlemen in front of the grocery store ringing the bell in for the hanging donation pot. It is not that I don’t love and appreciate my family. I am a product of their best work. It is not that I don’t enjoy their company. There are days when I really would love to just sit down and talk. I find talking a bit more difficult around my family now that I hold different opinions politically and spiritually. These two topics are linked so closely in my family; they are essentially the same topic. This limits the topic choices for me but I am always up for playing the listening game and I am ok with not stating my opinion or stirring the pot.  But Yesterday, I got the distinct feeling that no one really wanted to be there. I would never presume to state other people’s thoughts so I will only give my personal feelings and perceptions. As soon as I arrived food was on the table being served. The food was good although it should be noted that a couple of the four Watergate salads would go untouched. The conversation was stilted and difficult although everyone at my table was trying. I responded to a question from the other table and was immediately shushed….wow, I haven’t been shushed for a long time. Evidently I spoke a little too loudly. Now I come from a large family and loud is usually the name of the game and being swished into a small room is the normal state of events. In fact, I remember standing behind the table eating when I was younger because there were not enough chairs, nor enough room for another chair. Yesterday it was just annoying. Yes I sound like the Thanksgiving Grinch and perhaps my heart is two sizes too small. But to post a rousing, “Thanksgiving was Glorious!” seems a bit out of place. So for all of you, who love your families, are thankful for the lives you are now living and still had a less then comfortable Thanksgiving meal with your family. I applaud you and encourage you to get over it….Christmas is coming!


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  1. cyndicryss says:

    I thought I was the only one….

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