Coke Commercial…loved it!

How do you view America? I think that may determine whether or not you liked the Coke commercial that aired at the Super bowl. Do you think that Americans all speak the same language and share the same value system? Do you think that America is a nation where Christianity is supposed to be the mainstream religion? Or is that just the way you wish America was? I love America because it is one of the most diverse countries on this planet. I love the cultural influences and I have grown into a better person because of those influences. I view America as a place where all religions, cultures, and languages exist in harmony. America is where my Spanish neighbor is as American, as my Asian co-worker.  America is the one of the only countries that doesn’t require second language proficiency before graduating from high school, which I will not comment on right now but please don’t fault the Americans who are learning English as a second language. Speaking a second language does not make you un-American it should make you an educated American. English is not a sacred language it is merely one language in a colorful stream of languages. This could explain why I loved the Coke commercial. It highlighted the swirl of beautiful languages and wonderful people that make our country great. God Bless America!


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