Passion? ……No Time!

Passion seems to be a word we see more often than we did ten years ago. It is common to see a platitude like, Find your passion, plastered on a friend’s Facebook wall weekly. I often ask people what their passion is and I get more blank stares, and I don’t really know answers, than enthusiastic positive replies. As humans we desire to be passionate. We love and understand passion in the bedroom and we defend our belief systems on both religion and politics with intense passion. But in our everyday lives we have learned to function on an even keel that allows a limited range of emotion and passion is not on that scale. Routine kicks in and we start our systematic day without time for passion. Many of us are in survival mode and unable to think about passion. Our day is filled with work to pay bills, and feed our family. Our society values multi-tasking to the point that even when we begin to pursue something we love, we continue to check messages and Facebook, text our kids, and play our next word in Words with Friends. How can something you love turn into a passion if it is never pursued with our undivided attention?

 I once heard an author talk and he mentioned that he would write for days, sometimes without regard for his personal hygiene. What would you do that would allow you to disregard personal hygiene? I would never admit to doing anything to that degree but I have at times been so engrossed in a book that I wouldn’t put it down until I was finished with it. Yes, I have stayed in my PJ’s for two days reading. More often, I find myself reading all night and trying to function the next day with no sleep. Most of the time, I simply find time to read. I read as I drink my tea in the morning.  I read in between appointments. I read during my lunch breaks. Somehow there is just a half hour here or there that allows me to read. I wonder if your passion is simply the things in your life that you can always find time to pursue.

I have always played the piano. I guess that is not exactly true, but I started at age eight. One day, three years ago, I decided to learn to play Jazz. When I started there was such a deep yearning to learn more, and more, and more. It took up time but I found time in my already busy schedule. I created more time when I need it and I gradually stopped doing other things because I needed time for my piano. I didn’t feel inconvenienced nor did I feel like I was wasting time.  I just somehow found time to play. I always start with ten minutes and sometimes that ten minutes turns into an hour, and sometimes two hours. But I start with ten minutes of focused undivided attention. I don’t even want to multi-task, I so enjoy the process of playing the piano. I know that the piano is one of my passions.

Finding your passion is about looking at your life and figuring out what you do with your time. What would you like to do with your time? Try something you have been meaning to try for years and give it your undivided attention. Trust yourself, a passion will ignite and burn slowly at first but you will know that you found something you love. Your passion is often the activity that God uses to speak to your soul and bring peace to your spirit. What is your passion?


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