The Blue Note



I was asked this week how I saw my pursuit of beauty reaching the lost. I was taken back a little by the question because I hate the idea of some people lost or others found. I have spent more of my life looking for something, and I don’t consider myself lost or found. I am merely an explorer of truth, seeker of peace, and recipient of grace. (I view beauty as grace). So in my mind I rephrased the question to say, “What is the role beauty plays in finding peace?”

As you may have already guessed, The Blue Note is not referring to the jazz club or the audiophile store down the street. The blue note is the tone between say, B flat and B on the piano, the tone that occurs in the gap between two well known tones. The soothing balm of music spreads between emotions we can express and those that are unseen, unknown, or inexpressible in word by our logical mind.  As I sit at the piano and reveled in the clear sounds resonating out of my instrument, the waves of sound wrapping, swirling, and highlighting the melody. I am intimately aware of the tones as they blend together moving from one note to the next. The movement of the chords oscillates between dissonance and resolution, expressing beauty, like a healing balm on a soul. It is in the spaces between conflict and resolution that beauty lays waiting to grace us with her presence. It is in the blue note, the note between, the silences in the music and before the audience applauds, that beauty wraps her arms of truth around us. It is this that makes each of us know that we are not alone. It is in this grace that we surrender to and recognize God.


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