Tangible Beauty……a lesson from Grandma.

Beauty….I often think of flowers, paintings, music, hikes in the mountains, rarely do I think of the small things that bring beauty close, making it tangible. I talked to my Grandma a number of years ago. She was in her upper 90’s and I was telling her how busy I was. I told her what I was teaching my students, how I planned my lessons and just talked about my everyday life. I somehow brought up the fact that my house was generally a disaster because I simply did not have enough time to clean like I should. She responded to me in her sweet, soft manner with a whimsical…..”That. I can still do…I can still clean.” She then told me that she wished she could come to Colorado and help me out. I have often pondered her comment, mostly because I always hated cleaning and I wondered why she seemed to love it so, until today when I was thinking about beauty. The thought occurred to me that Grandma Schliebe was creating beauty in her most intimate of space…her small garden level apartment. It has been many years since that conversation, but I believe my Grandma understood the wonder of beauty. She lived to see 106 years on this earth and every time I talked to her she told me that life was good.

In my lofty thinking I often fail to stop and realize that beauty is sometimes as simple as bringing order to the messy, of washing a pile of dishes and placing them artfully into a cabinet; of shining a silver platter or preparing a simple dinner. It is not a lofty thing that cannot be understood. It is not an intangible idea that eludes my simple mind. It is the soft comfortable feeling of clean sheets as I slide into bed at the end of the day, the smooth, clean feeling of sliding across my kitchen floor in stocking feet first thing in the morning. It is the fresh smell of soap on my skin after a long, hot day of work in the yard. Yes, beauty touches me every day.  I just have to be open enough to see it.

My prayer for today: “Open me to the beauty of the every day. Thank you for one more day to experience it!”

Jeff 008


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