A rant on political FB posts

My biggest spiritual disillusions come when the line between religion and politics get blurred.  My despondency is often created because, although I love theology, I struggle when people mix it with their personal political opinions. I want to scream that Jesus was not a republican or a democrat; in fact he wasn’t very political at all. I know that I could live in a pure socialist society and still thrive spiritually. Regardless of this countries leader or how I decide to vote I will still find strength in Teresa of Avila’s words and I will still read the book of John and the logos will stir deep inside me awakening my soul to the spirit of God. This awakening is not dependent on this country’s political situation, nor is it dependent on its leader.

The way I vote will emerge from my own personal conviction at the moment in time when I am voting. In blurring the lines of religion and politics people are pushing their own ideas and are often using the precious balm of scripture to inflict shame or influence a vote. I may be completely out of line but I believe that to be in direct conflict with one of the Ten Commandments, those people are taking the Lord God’s name in vain. I do not believe that my God is so trivial that he puts a mark in his book every time I text OMG or say, “God” in a passing phrase of exasperation, but I personally would not dare to use God’s name or his scriptures to influence a vote, or pass judgment on a leader. Scripture should be used to build others up, not tear others down, or force personal agenda.

I was listening to Brene’ Brown and she says that faith minus vulnerability and mystery is extremism or worse politics. I need to be vulnerable and human and yes, I will make mistakes. I want the wonder and mystery of not knowing but believing in the divine anyway.  I want to love the Lord my God with all my heart and I want to vote my conscience, even when others judge a disparity between the two. I do not believe that I want mystery in my politicians but a little vulnerability would be nice. Our forefathers were very smart to keep the lines between church and state separate, let us not forget that they should remain clear and distinctly different. Vote your conscience and let everyone else do the same. Hold tight to your faith and never forget the wonder and mystery of the divine.


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