Embracing Crazy

I have learned to embrace the crazy in my life for it is the very thing that allows me to create. The very thing that makes me want to go bare foot in the rain…it is the smile that spreads across my face when I see sunlight piecing the clouds after a car accident that added two hours to my evening and two weeks of inconvenience. Perhaps I was simply not created to be normal or maybe this vessel cannot hold both the normal and the divine.

I see myself as a conduit for the divine, an instrument for communicating love to people. I have often thought of the body of Christ that Paul spoke of and wondered just what part I function as, but as I discovered my deepest desire: to communicate love and hope to people who have lost sight of the divine and think about the part I play in the communal whole.  I think a skin cell might be the part I am most drawn to…it absorbs the sun (the divine), transforms it into vitamin D (a piece of art, or a piece of music) and in turn energizes the body (communicating love and hope). Though this process the skin cell itself is often changed; it is often tanned or burnt.  I am quite sure that no one can pass on the divine without being altered.

Artists communicate the divine through their unique art and in so doing energize those around, sharing grace, and love. Artists often feel isolated because it takes solitude to create but each artist needs to have a deep understanding that they are part of a collective whole. Artists often talk about their muse, or guide, or creative spirit because they recognize that what they do is somewhat magical and they regularly pray for and crave inspiration. Art is altered by its presence and does not exist without it.


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