Morning practice

Morning Star
Morning Star

It is amazing just how short an hour is when you are doing something you love. I play the piano and this morning seemed like just another morning as I took my seat in front of my 7 ft. Grand. It was different this time, as it is from time to time. The chords did not resonate with the aura of routine. They swelled with beauty and immersed me in warmth. It was like wrapping up in an old soft quilt your Mom made. The wonder escalated much like I imagine it would if I had opened an old secret treasure box filled with exquisite jewels. It warmed my soul with a mesmerizing love song. I know that these moments are special and God is smiling, holding the listener close and whispering….encouraging love! I have learned to be the listener as I play. I marveled at the sparkle of the emerging jewels as they escaped from the piano’s sound board. My heart swelled as the music engulfed me, allowing a few sacred moments of wonder and awe. Moments like these keep me on course with the discipline of practice. Moments like these allow me to recognize that some of the skills I have been practicing are finally coming with ease and fluidity. I want this to happen all the time but I know, tomorrow I will go through the routine of practice and it will be just that…..practice.  I will however, choose to appreciate, recognize and bask in these sacred moments. I will stay the course when playing is merely a routine and I will continue to crave the sacred and say Thank you!


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