New Year…..New Possiblilties!

My son could not get out of our driveway this morning with his small car. In his defense it did indeed snow a considerable amount last night and small front wheel drive cars do not make good snow plows. We moved out to Elizabeth, Co. last summer onto five acres. I love it out here. The fresh air, the panoramic view, and the space from my neighbors, at times it is downright heavenly. My son has this old suburban that is about 80 percent rust. He promised me he would sell it to a junk yard as soon as he found the title. My son, shall I say, is a bit disorganized. So finding the title just has not worked out. This morning he jumped in that old rust bucket and managed to get out of the driveway, down the dirt road and all the way to work. It got me thinking that often the thing in my life that seems old and useless turns out to be the very spring board for new goals, new ideas, and new possibilities.

With the New Year dawning, I am starting to ponder some of those possibilities. Instead of revisiting old resolutions, I am pondering what I learned trying to obtain some of my old resolutions and how I can use that knowledge to start something brand new. For instance, if I decide to write a book, I must first know how to write, so the fact that I may have failed many times should simply be viewed as part of the process of learning to write. Somehow that is comforting to me. I am not sure why? Or what my goals will be for this New Year but I am feeling excited about the amazing possibilities.


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