The Kiss of Beauty


What is that one activity that moves the invisible parts of you? What is it that aligns those invisible pieces with the divine? What speaks life into your spirit? What form of beauty feeds your spirit? How do you love and create?
Sometimes it is that moment when you venture to the edge of a majestic, panoramic view of the mountains, or the expansive view of an ocean shoreline. It can be as simple as, picking up a paint brush, or sitting down to strum on a guitar. It is the mystery of beauty that moves the invisible pieces of the inner self. It is that moment in time when I gaze at a sunset and the rapture of awe wraps me in its beauty and peace settles in my soul. It exists in the part of me that feels loved and valued. It may very well be that beauty is God’s kiss that helps each of us humans feel appreciated.
I find it funny that so often I miss these moments by doing the responsible thing and in so doing I fail to take time to listen to the voice of God whispering over the pine trees. Children are much better at lingering in the kiss of beauty. You can find children skipping after butterflies, staring at clouds, and daydreaming to a piece of music; for they do not feel the pressure of responsibility. They exist to be loved.
I long for that existence. I want to be loved and valued and I want that to be enough. Somehow it just is not enough. I also want to create beauty and share beauty as well, this need shows up when I redecorate my house at Christmas time and it shines even brighter as I redecorate my house, after the Christmas decorations retire to the basement for an eleven month furlough.
The desire to create surrounds me when I sit at my grand piano and play from my inner most yearnings. I can somehow express that love, longing, discontent, and loss. Those are feelings that I cannot communicate in my everyday life. They are feelings that have no words or the words that exist fail to convey their depth.
Music is one activity that moves the invisible parts of me, aligning those invisible pieces with the divine. It speaks to my spirit and feeds my soul and allows me to share beauty in a world that seems to be too busy to listen.


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