Living my life with commas and question marks….

It seems that many of my friends prefer to live their lives with periods and exclamation points. They proclaim loudly the things they know for sure. They continue to profess statement after statement with certainty. I, on the other hand, seem to be living my life with more and more commas, because there is always something to add and question marks for; there is always a good question that needs pondering. The questions change with life events but they remain one of the few constants in my life. When I am going through a crisis, why, seems to pop up, when things are going well, when, where and how show up, but I have to admit, why is never too far away. It is one of my favorite questions.  The problem with questions is they suck you into a vortex that fools you into thinking that life is about finding certainty. I dare to differ.

Crisis tends to salt the still water of certainty and questions rise out of the deep.  These questions can be overwhelming and there is an urgency that makes you lose track of what is most important. You start looking for answers instead of embracing and pondering the questions, asking better questions and asking more questions. Could it be that questions are the sign posts announcing that new possibilities exist? Could questions signify the continuation of things or the possibility of more adventure ahead? These questions do not demand answers they demand asking. They need to be embraced and entertained, pondered and discussed. They signify the birth of new ideas and challenges. Remember, the new life of spring begins in the bleakness of the winter season. Questions are asked in the present. The minute you put a period on your thoughts is the minute those thoughts become history and that is very sad indeed. I want to live in the present.

I like living my life with an element of surprise. As I entertain questions, I am creating; I am adding detail and spice. I choose to live with commas so I can add juicy details, soft colors, and intense emotions. I choose to live with questions, better questions, and different questions rather than certainty. In using more commas and questions I am creating new possibilities, new horizons and new paths for my life.


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