“What is the point?”

I talk a lot about things that inspire me. I often pause and mention colors, sunsets, mountain vistas, concerts, and many other things that inspire, refresh and nourish my everyday life. I am filled with wonder and awe as I glance at the stars or read a great book. I relish a good conversation and I am not afraid to ponder a good question but there is one question that I avoid like the plague. It appears to be an inspiration killer, a murderer of dreams.  It is the question, “what is the point?” As I consider this question, I guess it is only a question. It is only a motivation killer if I answer it in terms of dollars and cents. Maybe the point is… inspiration, or beauty for its own sake. Maybe the point is simply to bring beauty to my world.

What is the point of making your bed in the morning? After all you are only going to crawl back into it in 12 hours. Even the most financially driven person will crawl out and make their bed. There are many reasons to do so but none of them can be measured with dollars or cents. You will sleep better in a bed that you took time to make but mostly it beautifies your house for the day even if the house is empty for a majority of the day. That is enough for most of us to get out of bed and make it or maybe we do it out of habit. Thank you Mom! There are many things that we do with no productivity or financial gain. So why do we lose faith when we are pursuing our passions which cannot always results in dollars and cents?

Maybe I can consider the question, “what is the point?” But I absolutely need to stop listening to people who think that productivity, or money is the only valuable result. Why should I pause to look at the immensity of the night sky? It fills me with wonder and awe. Why do I practice the piano? The harmonic chords heal my soul, inspire my mind, and refresh my spirit. Playing the piano, litters the air with beauty that surrounds me, caressing me with whispers of my value and peace. It is my heartfelt prayer of longing to express love. It is my meditation, the silence that settles my spirit.  What is the point? Maybe the whole answer is so large that I cannot even fathom the answer or maybe it is simply the spreading of beauty in the world.


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  1. Everyone needs inspiration, you have just hit a bullseye that love & inspiration doesn’t need to come from money… Thanks for the post.

    CourtneyGlitter 🙂

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