The Gift of Being Seen

There is a strength that comes when a person sees you for who you want to be instead of the person that you are. That person causes you to rise to new heights, expanding your possibilities. That person smiles warmth into your spirit, causing it to soar. They inspire you to become the person that you did not dare to become before you met them. It happens occasionally in a lifetime, but when it does, that person makes an indelible mark on your life.

The gift of seeing beyond faults into infinite possibilities, of recognizing individual humor, of listening for the beat of an opportunity, that person can inspire and motivate action. A teacher may have given you this gift. A friend may have given you this gift. A partner may have given you this gift. A mentor may have stepped up and given you this gift. If this is true you have been given the gift of love.

Love can create, move, bless and become. It creates something where nothing existed before. It moves as gently as a beating heart and as powerfully as blood pumping through veins, it blesses a person until that person overflows, blessing others, it becomes, for it is never stagnant and always moving, creating, and becoming.  It is much larger than falling in love for it is more than a romantic, lustful brush with passion. It is passion itself.

Passion ignites as you are recognized for the person you were meant to be. The genius you are. The strength of being seen rests inside of each of us but we tend to hide it. We allow glimpses of ourselves to flicker through our tough façade. It is my hope that you have been given this gift of love. That someone has managed to see those flickers and recognized your genius.

It is my constant prayer to become the person who sees and recognizes the genius in the people around me so that I can instill passion in each heart and life. I want the people around me to become the people they were created to be. I want them to feel fulfilled, loved, accepted, and inspired. I want to give the gift that I have been graciously given. This is my Valentine prayer.


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