….And The Play Will Go On!

I met with some of my high school friends. I have not seen them in years. We were all involved in music and drama so I was given hints like: “I was one of the witches in MacBeth”, now I was the stage manager for MacBeth but that was back in 1981. My favorite hint was, “I was sword bearer number 4”. I failed in every case to come up with the person’s actual name. I did however, have a great deal of fun reconnecting with these loving, fun, confident, long ago friends.

I find it interesting just how much each of us want to be seen and remembered. “Remember me; I was the flower girl in Oliver Twist?” That would have been my line to the stage manager of Oliver Twist and as was the case last night, after 34 years, they too would have been at a loss to come up with my name. These are moments long ago, faded by time and space and yet they still cause a slight smile, as they pass into my thoughts. High School, a time when I still believed in the impossible, when the whole world was my stage and I was in the play; a time when my parents’ applause rang in my ears and I obtained greatness, if only for an hour and in that hour even Sword bearer number 4 felt special, for he could do anything.

I remember watching my children when they were in high school. My oldest sang solos and confidently commanded the stage. I watched my middle daughter dance her way into the front row, and I never laughed harder as my son with his comedic twinkle tapped his way into my heart.  I became the applause! I applauded and played my part well for I will be the applause they remember. My applause will grace their memories and cause a smile in the future. The play?…..it goes on and it is written and rewritten and though, I have seen conflict, and tragedy, I still believe that I can change the world. I still believe in the impossible. The world is my stage and I am in the play. So I will continue to hold my sword, sing my song, dance my dance…..and applaud…..and the play will go on!


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