I like to talk about beauty….


I like to talk about beauty. Why? Because it does not judge me, it does not tell me what to think, and it speaks to the deepest part of me. There are only two things that have pierced my soul and they are beauty and pain. I much prefer beauty and I have never met a person who is not touched by beauty. I have seen both children and the elderly light up when a familiar song is played. I have sat in theater chairs during a concert and felt the musical caress. I have listened to the birds sing in the trees and I have heard the soft rustle of soft summer breeze. I have been sweep away by the majestic vastness of a mountain valley and I have been mesmerized by the repetition of the ocean waves. Beauty comes to us every day in the crispness of the morning and waves gently in a soft oranges of the evening sky.

It lives in our homes. It resides in the softness of a favorite blanket. It rests on the mantle of a fireplace with the memories of loved ones past and swirls in the air as a culinary artist works on dinner. It peers in windows and speaks deeply into our spirits, “Pause…….. let me speak, for I will uplift your spirit. I will calm your heart. I will comfort you with a caress. I will love you.” Beauty’s voice is soft. It quietly resides in the wood grain of a dining room table. It is painted into pictures with colors that are pregnant with emotion. Beauty spreads sparks of hope to busy people. Sparks that go out quickly if they are ignored but if nurtured will warm to a depth that can be reached by little else.

Beauty touches the wounded. Like a rescue rope thrown to a person drowning in grief. It is a language that is universally understood. It has different facets. One facet speaks to me and a totally different one may speak to you. Like flavors of ice cream, each is good but we all have our favorite. I prefer Jazz, you may prefer nature, and someone else may love visual art or come alive in the kitchen.

I like to talk about beauty. I guess because I don’t really understand it but I recognize its healing touch and crave its caress. I do not think I can manipulate it but I can pause and look. I can take a few minutes to be available and in simply pausing, I am rarely disappointed.


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