Spring Break


My husband and I headed for Cocoa Beach, Florida, as we have done for the last three years. He gets back into shape for the softball season. I get a Spring Break, complete with hours on the beach. I love it! I had to laugh as mid way through the flight I was offered a 100 calorie snack packet. I realized that each calorie cost approximately 10 dollars, based on the price of our plane tickets. I commented to my husband that perhaps I wouldn’t need to lose 30 pounds if I could actually see the price of each calorie before I put it into my mouth. It is odd the strange thoughts that fly through your mind when you are stuck in a seat for three hours. It was raining in Denver, Co when we took off. Later, my daughter’s text would confirm that the rain quickly turned into snow.

I, on the other hand, was soaring high over head by that time. As the plane broke through the thick overcast sky, I was greeted with a clear bright sun. It warmed my face and the puffy, white floor was so solid that I was transformed into my younger self  looking out the window, I felt quite sure that I could skip, jump and run on top of those clouds. Sometimes Science sucks. It ruins beautiful, fun fantasies….for I would actually do nothing but fall like a rock through those clouds leaving nothing but a messy indention in the earth below.  I suppose that is the problem with growing up, with learning the scientific method of observation, and with becoming a productive world citizen. You no longer allow yourself the pleasure of fantasy. I rather miss my childhood fantasies and the beauty of innocent mind play. That world where everything is possible and even the sky doesn’t represent limits; for I imagined living on other planets, building sand castles on the moon, and creating a geodesic dome utopia at the bottom on the ocean.

Maybe that is the actual benefit of a Spring Break. It allows me to be a kid again. To imagine once again that I can fly or skip across the clouds, that I can make a difference in my world or I can accomplish the things I have only imagined. Perhaps it is the breath of fresh air, the fluffy clouds or the rhythm of the wave breaking on the beach that will lull me back to the person that I was meant to be. I wish that I was free of obligations more often so I could allow myself to indulge in a plethora of childhood wonder, play and fantasy. It revives my spirit and gives me hope that things can change in this sometimes exhausting world.

It reminds me of Jesus’ words when he says, “…unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”(Mt. 18:3 NIV) I, for one intend to do just that…..become like a little child, I will run, and play, and indulge in fantasy. I will be the 50 something year old at the beach building a sand castle and squealing as the cold ocean waves lap over my bare feet.

As the plane started its decent through the solid cloud floor, I noticed the shadow of the plane playfully skipping along chasing us through the puffy mountains of the cloud floor. A circular rainbow reflection radiated around the shadow until we broke through the cloud floor, and it was gone….we landed safely in Cocoa Beach.


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