Spring Garden

image (1)

Last July my husband and I moved onto a five acre lot in the country. It has come with many surprises since both he and I are city kids. One of the most pleasant could have happened anywhere even next to a brownstone in downtown Denver. A spring garden is adorning my house with yellow, red, pink, white, purple and orange. One morning I will see a pink cluster of small flowers and the next morning a purple cluster along with bright yellow daffodils. Red, yellow, and orange tulips are awakening from their hibernation. Each flower radiates joy and peace into my spirit, as they face the sun with their blossoms. I cannot even look outside without a simple delight engulfing my spirit. What a pleasant surprise to find a beautiful spring garden that I did not plant.

It got me thinking that it would be simply wonderful to plant a mystery garden for someone. Part of the fun of this spring is simply that I have no idea what is going to pop out of the ground and what color it will be. I recognize that part of the beauty I am enjoying is the labor of the previous owner who knew how to plan a garden and did a splendid job. As the bright yellow daffodils fade the little cluster flowers take over, she was the master designer and I have been experiencing beauty for a month as one flower fades and the next takes its place.

Surprises are around every corner; this morning I opened my door, walked out onto my patio to see what flowers have popped up only to discover that deer love the taste of tulips. I have nothing but green nubs on the ground. It is strange how quickly beauty can be snatched from this world. It is fleeting; enjoy it when you see it!


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