A Tribute to my Piano Teachers


I wish my fingers could play and sing beyond the wind and sky,

The samba of a feathery cloud as it drifts by,

The ballad of a summer breeze,

The crescendo of a storm.

Let them dance and move and sing across a written score.

Teach my fingers to dance and sing across the galaxies,

The rhythm of the stars and times of gallantry.

Teach them the hush of a crescent moon,

The soft sway of life.

Let them dance and move and sing around the measures lite.

Give my  fingers the bossa groove of the crimson sky.

The ballet of a dandelion seed,

A choreographed dragonfly,

The bop of a cricket, on the crisp cool air,

Let them sing and dance and move with harmony a-flare.

Teach my fingers to swing beyond the earth and stars,

Waltz past Saturn and rumba by Mars.

Let them salsa, turn and spin,

The cadence of a heart,

Teach them to dance and sing with a melody and chart.

My fingers learned to move and sing with the grace of birds in flight,

They resonate the softness of the gentle morning light,

The stanza of the gentle breeze,

The rhythm of a bard.

Thank you for your patience and the sharing of your heart.

I pause to give a hearty Thanks! To my teachers dear,

Who stood beside to guide,

You made the lessons clear.

Perhaps it was your tenderness or the twinkle of your eye,

You made me fall in love with life and listen to the sky.


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