Just love….no judgement!

Pure love exists in its true state only when no judgment exists. When Jesus was brought a woman found in the act of adultery; he bent down and began to write in the dust. One by one her accusers left. He then told her that he did not condemn her either, that she should go and sin no more.  As a Christian it seems like I need to have a strong opinion about current events, current headlines, and top news stories. In the past I have hidden my judgment by using nice broad words like in my opinion, while proceeding to broadcasting my judgment to everyone and anyone who would listen. This week topping the headlines of most broadcasts is the Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) and her transition into her new life.

First I would like to say that her choices are none of my business. On the other hand, I can learn much from her struggle to live an authentic life. The second idea I have about how to show love, is that I have to accept others choices in a vacuum devoid of judgment. I believe that Jesus would wrap his arms around Caitlyn, love her, understand her, and walk her through her struggles to a place of wholeness.  I do not know what that would look like. Jesus would offer her grace! Grace is just that grace. I need much grace and I know that Jesus is currently walking into a place of wholeness as well.

Stories like Caitlyn’s reveal more about how honest I am being with myself then what Caitlyn herself is dealing with. They act as mirrors into my own life. Not because I am struggling with the same issues or even sexual identity issues but I am still struggling to become my true self. The person I was created to be. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is all about, it is a second chance to change the things I need to change to become the person I was meant to be. Maybe it is a moment to pause and rethink my mortality or recognize that there is no better time to make big changes than right now. Time is short on this planet!

My third thought , it is freeing to release my need to judge. If I leave judgment up to God, I am free to love without condition. I do not have anything to prove, or preach, or condemn. I am free to get to know people, to love each and every person I meet. I used to send people I met through what I now refer to as my judgment flow-chart. What I failed to recognize is that each and every person regardless of who they where or what their vise ended up landing in the bubble of God’s Grace. Since I recognize that and I also end up in that bubble there is really no need to put them through the chart. I just jump them straight through to grace, where we all find wholeness! As the Beatles sang so beautifully, “All you need is love!”

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