Romancing Writing


I have theory about any relationship, and yes, I do have a relationship with my writing. At times they fizzle and grow cold. At times ideas fail to flow, and thoughts remain deep inside my head. I guess some of that is to be expected because writing becomes routine and any routine becomes a bit monotonous.  Most of the time, I simply need to sit down, put my behind in a chair and start writing. I don’t always need passion; sometimes discipline will do the trick. With that being said, there is a time when I need to nurture and romance my writing experience.  Reminding myself, I do love to write.

How do I bring the romance back to the page? How do I reignite the passion that began this process of putting ink on paper? I am so glad you ask.

I start looking for playfulness. As an adult, I am not so inclined to be playful. I lean towards getting things done but I have learned that a little play can set the stage for a very productive day. A little flirting, a mischievous tickle, or candles at dinner, can go a long way to rekindle romance. So can playing a few games with your writing.

For those of us who have discovered the beauty and benefit of simply writing. This will be fun and will only take a short amount of time.  Pick one:

  1. I write a short fiction story…..for no reason. (Have fun with it! )
  2. I journal the randomness in my brain with a pen and paper…..yep, no full sentences, or complete paragraphs. No erasing, no editing, no filtering my thoughts. (Hand writing with a pen and paper connects me with something different than writing on my computer.)
  3. I write a sing song poem….. about something ridiculous!
  4. I write a love letter to an imaginary lover. (Make it a bit sappy!)
  5. I write thank you notes to five different people in my life. (This helps me recognize how lucky I am!)
  6. I write a story to match an instrumental piece of music that I connect with that day. Then I read it out loud with the music to make sure it fits the music.
  7. I list five grammar errors that frustrate me and I write one paragraph trying to misuse grammar in all five ways in the same paragraph. (It makes my brain think in a completely different way.)
  8. I try to tell a story using only dialog. It helps me if one of the characters has a strong accent from a particular region of the country. (I am really bad at this but it makes me laugh!)

I recognize that for some of you who are purpose driven, these ideas seem to be a waste of time, but they are, in my opinion, worth their weight in gold. These are just a couple of my ideas. I love the romance side of writing. I love being ridiculous. I love being playful. I find that I can be more on task when I take a little time to play with writing. So, I encourage you to go ahead, light that candle, turn off the lights and write a horror story! (I guess that  could be number 9.)


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