Slowly, methodically, the cars thoughtlessly file in lines like ants spreading across the ground.  Following the endless line into the city, she listens, “Caroline….Car-o-line…” droning loudly through the age worn speakers. The driver mindlessly meanders toward the destination called job and robotically executes lane changes, exits and lights with little thought.

 The car rattles and the radio blares as the driver remembers loud, energy riddled trips with endless conversations about boys, friends, and basketball.  Quiet discussions sorting through relationships and basic beliefs, offhand movie reviews or a sleepover rehash.…yes,she remembers. 

 Chatter, chatter… she misses the chatter, the conversations.  She learned to listen to the chatter.

The trebles and basses of the hearts around her,

 The newness of life. 

She heard the tones round out with growth,

 She bustled at the emerging change, she listened,

And listened,

The chatter stopped. 

Monotony replaced the chatter.

Slow and rhythmic the traffic jerks and flows with the predictable ebbing of routine.  Mindlessly sliding the blinker on, inching towards the exit. 

Marching on …

And she listened.

Through the silence she began to hear a beat, soft and slow, beautiful and low.

And she listened…..

And began to awake.


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