Sometimes the Universe Smiles!

Sometimes the universe smiles! This last week was one of those times. I was riding my husband’s horse, it spooked and bucked, I landed on the ground in the middle of an arena of freshly furrowed sand. Even with the “soft landing” (that soft thing may be up for interpretation!), I managed to break my sacrum which is the bone at the base of my spinal column, and in front of the tailbone (the coccyx). I guess it is amazing to me that I broke a bone in an entire column of bones that had no major ill effects. I am not paralyzed, I am not having trouble walking, I will be ok, when that bone heals in six weeks and in the mean time I just have to deal with the pain. Now I do not mean to make light of the pain, but in my case it will be temporary. I say the universe smiled because it could have been a lot worse. I could fall into the religious dogma that I grew up with and say something like, “Praise the Lord! He reached down and cushioned my fall!” ….and by the way I don’t deny divine intervention. The universe smiled is actually the same thing it is simply more acceptable to a wider variety of people.

I also recognize that we have close calls all the time. I could fill this entire page with “could have’s” but to do so would be to sink into a world of fear and I refuse to live in that world. I had a dear friend comment yesterday to the effect of,” you could have broken your back and ended up paralyzed.” Yes that was a possible outcome, but the universe smiled and I dodged the bullet. I am so very thankful for the rich full life I have been able to live and as I deal with the day to day struggles of breaking this bone it is becoming painfully clear that my focus needs to be on my blessings not on the “could have’s” of life.

I am praying for the many people who struggle day to day with pain, and depression. I have brushed these emotions in the last week and I have no doubt they may be my sweet companion in the weeks to come. I do not welcome their company but I recognize that they have much to teach me and I have much to learn.


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