Stop chasing miracles, start recognizing them!

I just got done reading Revival by Steven King. I am not a hard core Steven King fan, in fact I enjoy his character development but I really hate his endings. I realized that when I was about four chapters from the end, I had to talk myself into finishing the book. The book ended in true Steven King style. I loved the theme of this book. Chasing miracles proved deadly for a bunch of people in this book. When I started thinking about chasing miracles, I realized that I often chase miracles. I buy the newest most promising skin creams, hoping to erase the fifty years that are written boldly across my face. I found out that my cholesterol is up, so I am currently trying to find that miracle cure or at least the easiest road to lowering those numbers. I went to the doctor hoping to find a physical reason as to why my waistline continues to expand, but to my dismay, I simply need to do the work, aka exercise and diet, yuck! I would prefer a miracle pill that would render work unnecessary. To myself, I say just stop chasing a miracle and do your work. It is far from the fanfare of a miracle, but it needs to happen.

Albert Einstein stated that, “there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”I like to think that I live my life as though everything is a miracle.  But to do that I have to stop chasing miracles, I have to step back and recognize the miracles all around me. I have to stop chasing the miracle diet pill, and somehow pause and recognizing the miracle that is my body. I have to slow down enough in my busy day to listen for the song of the meadowlark.

My dad was fond of the phrase, “Stop and smell the flowers.”  It is my goal to pause and not only smell the flowers but also recognize the miracle of the flower itself.  I am not always good at this but I do keep trying to recognize the miracles of creation that are all around me all the time. I know that when I manage to recognize the miracles all around me I am extremely thankful for so many things in my life. When I am chasing a miracle, I feel desperate. The fact that those feelings are so extremely different makes it easy for me to know which way I want to live my life. I choose to recognize the miracles that exist all around me. I choose to do the work that needs to be done instead of chasing the magic of a supernatural miracle rendering the work unnecessary. I choose to recognize the miracles all around me. In recognizing those, I am accepting the miracle that is life, my life.


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