Chasing the Beat

This week my piano teacher started me on some Brazilian music written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Now if you were born in Brazil you probably heard a Samba beat on a regular basis and it is probably internalized to the point where you can feel the beat. I did not grow up in Brazil. I am just a white girl from Colorado who grew up in church clapping on 1 and 3 and when things got really funky we clapped on 2 and 4. Something tells me that my past experience is not going to help me.

I have been equipped with an empty baking soda can filled half way with rice and a metronome. My fingers have yet to touch the keys because I am trying to internalize that Bossa Nova beat. I have noticed that when I am slightly off beat I am chasing the beat and I find myself in a bit of a panic it get the can to shake on beat. But when I am right on the beat, it feels laid back and loose.

That laid back feeling is known as, “playing in a groove.” I do wish I would have coined that phrase for it is actually quite descriptive, but I am not a particularly “cool cat”. I am just a piano player chasing a dream.

Chasing involves effort, perseverance and yes being a bit frantic. So for those of us who have dreams that pulse inside the very fiber of who we are, hang in there and find your groove.

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