Writer’s Block

I am struggling to find the rhyme of the verse that sometimes shows up when I start writing. The muse that pauses in my mind helping me place words on the paper. But then again there would be no such thing as writers block if a block never really occurred. As hard as it may be to believe……I have little to nothing to say.

I think that sometimes it is good to have nothing to say for I have no form in my head that will be coming out on this primarily white piece of paper. I have no points to make, no verse that needs worked on. I am free to write whatever comes out my fingers.

There is a rhythm that comes of typing words on a computer. It is comforting in and of itself. Of course it is much more fulfilling when it is accompanied by an inspiring thought but sometimes a useless ramble will have to do. ..and so it is today!

A useless ramble to encourage those of us who may also be struggling with something to say, like a confessional of all the nothingness in heads all over the globe, punctuated occasionally with the tapping of keys.

You see I goofed up. Yesterday I put up a new Facebook page because I decided to do a little publicity for my blog, and today I have nothing to say. But thinking about it is no different that wanting to share something that is dear to your heart like, how special your dog is to you and proceeding to standing up ready to tell a story and saying something like, “I have a dog. His name is Turbo. He chases balls.” Most days you can tell a story much better. But some day that is the best you can come up with.

And so it goes….


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  1. Poor Robert says:

    Writer’s block comes to us all on a daily basis like the tide to a beach. Some time the tides come in high and we become paralyzed and other times we just can’t find the right words. Often I think it results from a feeling that what we currently think may not be worthy of publication. I wonder if our readers who follow us faithfully would agree? What would happen if we just posted something, not exciting, less interesting or perhaps just plain unimportant once in a while, would they abandon us like rats from a sinking ship? I think not loyalty, begets understanding of the human condition with all our failings and warts.

    1. Thank you! What a sweet comment!

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