It is simple, let it be!

Life is simple. I know that you can argue with that statement, but don’t. If you are a writer, start writing. If you are a painter, start painting. Now don’t get me wrong. Simple is not easy it is just not complicated. I have a friend who constantly reminds me to stop getting heady. He tells me all the time that it is simple, just let it be simple!

“What if I am not in the right place mentally? What if I play the wrong notes? What if it is more complicated than I realize? What if…..? “. So What!

The thing is … the “What if’s” will shut me down faster than anything else. They linger in the back of my brain and chisel questions that can stop me from accomplishing anything; they eventually turn into false beliefs that shut me down for good. I often use them as excuses to not accomplish what needs to be done.

I simply have to start to create. I have to step in the right direction. I am often surprised by the result; but the first step is always to start.

I used to watch my kids while they were growing up, spin circles in the center of their messy rooms. I would have to tell them to begin by picking up the dirty clothes. They would usually look at me with the surprised look of, “I can do that!” The “what if’s” are the same thing, circles that require energy but accomplish little.

Now don’t take me wrong, I have spent a lot of time spinning circles. I need to take my own advice. What is it, that I can do right now, that will get me started? What will head me in the right direction?  I can iron out the problems as they come up, but I can’t if I don’t get started.

The elegance of a simple solution is a mathematical beauty. So often I just complicate everything instead of keeping things simple. The beauty of so many things lies in their simplicity.

I once read of a situation in Africa where a tribe was having a hard time getting their produce to market before it was too ripe to sell. Refrigeration seemed the obvious solution, but how do you institute such a thing in a place without an electrical grid. The answer was so beautiful and elegant that it reminds me often of the beauty of simplicity. They ended up putting one pottery container inside a larger pottery container; they simply insolated the inner container from the outside heat. The answer is often a lot simpler than I let it be.

It is simple, simply let it be!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamara Kulish says:

    Can’t argue about simple! It’s the best!

  2. Poor Robert says:

    Love your words to live by.

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