Small closet blessing!


It comes as quite a surprise to me that I am indeed thankful for my small closet. My husband and I moved into a small farm house after raising our children in a large expansive house. I would have argued that I needed a walk in closet last year but there were simply no walk-in closets in our price range, so I reluctantly stepped out of my walk-in closet and settled for a small closet. Now to be fair, I was planning to turn one of the adjoining bedrooms into a walk-in closet, so I did not do it without a plan. That plan however, is being re-evaluated.

It is always a bit painful to downsize, and downsizing clothing is no different. You have to say good bye to that leather skirt you wore 10 years ago and the sparkle spritzed Christmas sweater you bought for the Christmas program at Church.  There is the sequined red vest your daughter wore in a high school musical where she tap-danced in the front row with a cane and hat…I wonder where that hat went?

The dress you wore to your daughter’s wedding, and the bride’s maid dress you wore at your best friend’s wedding 30 years ago. The dress you wore to that one concert downtown three years ago and the cute fringed shawl that you never have worn but it looked cute in the store. There are more scarves than countable stars ….and belts….oh my, how they multiply!

The space restraint of a small closet has been really good for me because I can no longer keep things that my daughter wore in a school play. I can no longer keep dresses that don’t fit me because I have changed sizes. I rarely ever got back into them anyway and they were a constant reminder that I had indeed changed sizes.

I have learned one thing, I  shift my winter wardrobe to a different location in the summer and vice- versa but that has become a blessing because I can re-evaluate whether or not I will actually wear that spectacular purple coat from three years ago. It is also very refreshing to see your summer wardrobe after six months of not looking at it every day.

Finally, when I do buy something new, I try to shift something old to the “goodwill” pile. This helps me see my new purchases and incorporate them into my existing wardrobe. Not having room has made me more effective in the way I use my wardrobe.

I have spent fewer days next to a pile of clothes on my bed thinking I have nothing to wear because I tried on a bunch of things that didn’t fit. I simply go to my closet and everything fits so what am I wearing today?

Yes, I know this is radical and I would not have even agreed with it a year ago, as I was saying good-bye to my walk= in closet but there are advantages to a small closet. I love it when things are simple.



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  1. Suze says:

    my husband and i downsized three years ago….we have one tiny closet in the house and i find that I don’t mind it at all! It has made us re-evaluate everything we own and cleared out a ton of old clothing. Mine went to a local theater never know when those three snap hip huggers will be needed for a play! quite happily following you around now. 😀

    1. I have decided that downsizing is a journey that is quite rewarding. I am so glad I am not the only one who found it to be a rewarding experience.

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