Dandelion Wishes


She runs through the meadow, carefree, letting the tall grasses softly tickle the palms of her hands. Stopping, she turns her face towards the breeze and closes her eyes. While the breeze immerses her face with a gentle cooling touch, she hears the chirping and chattering of song birds. The meadow with its background of green and yellow grasses, explode with the vibrant colors of wild flowers. She bends down, picks a dandelion gone to seed. Makes a wish and blows….the seeds floats effortlessly into the unknown.

As a child, I would find a dandelion that had gone to seed, close my eyes and make a wish, and blow the seeds into the air. I love the metaphor of letting my dreams ride on the wind. Like a prayer they are released into the unknown. I love the childlike faith; I just knew that those dreams would come true someday. I love the release of control that went with that wish. I was placing it in the hands of something much bigger than myself. Much of my life has been live in that manner, and so many wonderful things have happened along the way.

I want to encourage the dreamers, the wonderers and the admirers of beauty. I want to encourage everyone to create…everyone should strum a guitar, sing in a choir, color a picture, or paint a canvas. I want to encourage the budding scientist to experiment and the future author to write. I also want to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. But I also want them to pursue excellence. I want them to read, take classes and practice excellence. I want them to grow, change, and become the masters of their dreams.

In the past five years, I have been consciously cultivating some of my dreams. Perhaps this comes with maturity. I love the idea that dandelion wishes can come true but majestic gardens are only planted with intention, planning and cultivating. I recognize that if I scattered a handful of seeds into the wind some of those seeds will land on fertile soil and grow, but that same handful of seeds would produce much more if it were placed into fertile soil, watered, and weeded.

I know that I am probably ranting a little but I will try to keep it short and succinct. So much of the beauty of music rests in the journey itself. It hovers in the process, in the pursuit of excellence, in the hours of playing. Beauty sits quietly in the silence between the notes, and chimes softly in places unexpected.

So let those dandelion wishes fly, and when a seed lands and blooms, and you find the dream of your heart, pursue it with passion. Take the journey, become an explorer, embrace the process of becoming a dreamer and a pursuer of wishes. Insist on excellent and be great!



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