Dust Clouds

Dust clouds gather around the feet of activity. They hover behind cars driving on dirt roads. They are like exclamation points, highlighting the obvious. It is dry here!  Eastern Colorado at its finest (please read that with a sarcastic tone in your head). It is so dry here that the static electricity shocks the dogs every time I try to pet them and yet, I can see green peeking out through the dead yellow grasses that carpet the hills.

There is always hope if you look for it. I have no doubt that spring will come and the showers of April and May will quiet down the dust, the flowers will burst through the hard clay soil and the birds will sing in a quiet breeze but for now the wind howls, and dust clouds follow my horses feet.

So often when you are living in the moment things seem like they will never change, but I have figured out that things do change. Seasons come and go. The dust clouds that gather around daily activity dissipate with spring showers.

But things seem to move in slow motion at times, particularly on sunny days when I am dreaming of a warm spring punctuated with splashes of color, compliments of tulips and other bulb friends who show up in time to usher in summer.



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