The Absurdity of Change

I remember the first time I ask my daughter to grab the dog food with the picture of Lassie on it and she immediately asked me, “Who is Lassie?”  That was years ago. Since then, many things have changed. I would have been better off if I would have asked her to grab the dog food with Wishbone on it. Her children will have a totally different dog character hero.

Many of these kinds of things can easily, place me in the past. Just last week I overheard a teenager ask his dad, “Who is Elvis?” The absurdity of someone not knowing the past is one thing, but I am stuck with how often I catch myself forgetting the past.

I often find myself waving my hands under a faucet when I simply need to turn the knob. It is funny to me just how often this happens to me. I find myself choreographing a hand dance under the faucet, trying to get the motion sensor to turn on the faucet. I have gotten so used to motion sensor faucets that I have to laugh out loud when I finally stop long enough to realize that I have to turn the knob.

I also touch computer screens and expect them to respond.  I have that moment of confusion as I try to figure out why the computer screen does not respond to my touch.  This would never have happened to me ten years ago, when touch screens were…..yep! Nowhere. It is amazing just how quickly we get used to new technology, new musicians, and new televisions shows.

I can’t even count the times that I have answered the lady in the bathroom stall next to me, because I didn’t realize that she was on the phone. I find myself answering awkward questions strangers asked me at the produce counter, only to realize….to my embarrassment that they were on their phone. I miss the days when you could only talk on the phone in your own kitchen.

I remember one time my daughter and her boyfriend were on my couch, totally engaged in texting each other.  They didn’t look at each other or speak to each other…they just looked at their phone for over thirty minutes. What happened to simply talking to each other?

I have found that when I am bored, I look at my phone just to do something besides enjoying the moment in front of me. I have had to consciously try to change that habit by enjoying what is going on around me and only checking my phone a couple times a day.

I am as guilty of being ultra focused on my phone as the younger generation. I can make fun of someone who does not know who Elvis is but, I have been guilty of waving at faucets, answering strangers, and touching non-touch computer monitors. Perhaps change is the little element that keeps me laughing at myself.


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  1. Poor Robert says:

    Connie — Your post touched me to the core. When I was eleven I remember thinking that my Grandfather acted and thought old. Now the tables seem to have turned and I wonder what young people today must think of me. Consider that life, as we know it changed much faster in my lifetime than my grandfathers and how hard I seem to work just to keep up. I love the piece, but love that you thought it more.

    1. Robert, Thank you for your story. I remember thinking the same thing about my grandparents. Oh, how our perspectives change with age!

  2. mimi45rog says:

    This is so true… and I keep hearing myself say: we would never have done that when we were young… but I guess every generation goes through the same process. We try to keep up with the change but it gets harder the older we get. Though we might not be as out of touch as our parents or even grandparents used to be because we have to use new technologies to keep up to date in our jobs. Still our kids probably look at us with an impatient frown more often than not when we need help with our computers or other things they can work in their sleep 😉

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