I have a few. My husband is known to say excuses are like armpits, everyone has a couple and they all stink. I, on the other hand, believe that life just happens. Things that are usually a priority have to move over and take a back seat. Thus is the case in the last and a half month. I have cleaned out my mother-in-laws house, moved my daughter back from Missouri, visited with my son in Nashville, TN, walked a horse with colic (she is recovering nicely) and the list goes on and on. Like I said, LIFE just happens and blogs take a back seat for a period of time. I do appreciate each and every one of my readers and I am sorry if you wonder why I sort of dropped off the planet. My only response to that is that life happened and I engaged.

As is often the case, I started to beat myself up when I realized that I have had a wonderful couple weeks. I have been tired, I have struggled with going through someone else’s stuff (it is an awkward business!), I have driven to Springfield, MO and then on to Nashville, TN (that would be 18 hours of driving), I have petted a kangaroo at the Nashville Zoo, and I have nursed a sick horse back to health. I read a fantastic book, if you like fantasy (The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss). I strongly recommend it! All in all it has been a great month or so, but I am looking forward to life getting back into a routine.



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    1. Thank you! I enjoyed your post as well.

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