Facebook Logic Tirade

I am so frustrated with my Facebook wall right now. I am daily amazed at the overwhelmingly general statements people make and share with each other, to get to these general statements people have to follow a giant step in logic that they seem to skip over as if it were nothing.

Let me give you an example. I saw a post a couple months ago with President Obama posing for a picture with several children, and next to it was a picture of Hitler posing for a picture with children. Logically, I can say that these two men are or were leaders of influential countries. I am not sure where the children come in because I know very few people who would not pose with children when they are around, primarily because children are more endearing and much cuter than anyone over 30. I think I was supposed to take the giant step of comparing these two men. I just cannot do that and quite honestly I am shocked that anyone could actually take that step.

It is sort of like taking an apple and a banana, putting each in a pie, than launching an advertizing campaign to convince everyone that banana cream pie tastes exactly the same as apple pie because they are both pies.

I see those amazing generalization all the time.  If A=B and B=C then A=C but the one thing I think people forget is that you can only compare apples and apples. You cannot throw in a banana. I just wonder why people do not recognize basic logic.

If President Obama poses with children and Hitler posed with children a logical conclusion could be that world leaders often use children as an advertizing ploy. That is logic I can follow. I can probably find more pictures of leaders and children to back this conclusion. Leaders are not ideologically like each other because they use the same advertizing technique.

Advertizing campaigns do not always represent truth. I can launch that campaign to convince you that banana cream pie tastes like apple pie but that does not make it true.

I have decided that most of the posts that are rolling through my Facebook wall are simply advertizing campaigns asserting an opinion. I do like a good logically argument whether they support my political sense abilities or not. But, I hate it when opinion waves its general brush, taking giant steps and pretends to be logic.


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  1. Tamara Kulish says:

    Those kind of postings amaze me too! I think that people have certain opinions which when they’re challenged, aren’t based in fact but instead on their own internal likes/dislikes. Since they aren’t fact based but feelings based, there’s no other recourse for them but to make stuff up that in a “pretzel logic ” kind of way seems to make sense to them!!

    We’ve heard about the dumbing down of America? By removing the logic/debate part in classrooms and learning by rote to pass federal testing, we now have a people who can’t follow a linear thought process!

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