Room for All

There is room for all of us. I am finding my way through the maze of post election celebrations and post election depression. It matters not which side of the election you happen to be on the problem is the same. It is finding our equilibrium in a world that is changing. I find myself retreating from the echo chambers of people who are sure they are correct. There are echo chambers on both sides. I am struggling  to listen to those who are willing to share a different point of view without bullying me into their belief system.

I hope I am not the only one out there who dislikes my countries choice for the job of President. I am struggling to know how to respond. A friend of mine comforted me with the encouragement that he is not a King! There is hope in that, there are avenues of social change and activity that I may need to pay more attention too. My hope springs eternal, this election could mobilize the sleeping and passive and energize the tired. It may be just what our country needs and only history will record both the benefits and downfalls of the new administration.

I am no political science major and I do not claim to even understand all the ins and outs of most issues people talk about all the time. The way I understand most of these issues makes me question how some of them end up in the platform of a major party. I think both parties need some revamping and readjusting. Maybe that is the whole reason President elect Trump got into office, to revamp and readjust. Maybe it is an adjustment period where everything will once again head forward in sync with the general motion of the future.

I do know that I will be ok and that there is room for my frustrations, fears, and opinions in the world in which we live. There is room for you as well, and if we work together we can accomplish a lot. I told my Mom I think more people are frustrated with me because I refuse to line up as a democrat or a republican. I like things from both camps and I simple cannot go all in for either side.

My voice is the voice of the middle, the voice that is a little confused. The voice that speaks for the children, and the weak, the handicapped, and the strong. It stands for the LGBTQ community, and the immigrants that work hard to provide for their families and in doing so enhances all of our lives with love. I stand for the,”Made in America” brand and a strong economy. I believe in my right to choose to own a gun. But mostly, I believe in America as a country and I believe in each and every one of us finding our place in a continually changing world.


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