Writing Again

Writing again….two simple words but two important words for me. I miss writing and yet it is one of those things, I continue to put off when life hits me, tossing things into chaos. Life does that regularly. Writing sorts through my thoughts leaving only the important and the silly.

Silly thoughts are important because they remind me that I can laugh. They cuddle up in the dark rafters of my mind and spring on me at inappropriate times. They remind me that life is not entirely serious. They pounce and retreat letting me know that I am not always in control and I should loosen up.

Important thoughts are there to help me sort through things, use wisdom and understand the less fortunate. They are the common sense that people talk about, that gets lost in the chaos of the day, in the political mood, in the whirlwind of public opinion, in the hype of the argument. Writing becomes the filing system that helps me access thoughts one at a time. It helps me find the thoughts that I carelessly threw in a junk drawer.

I am looking for a focus and writing is my best option. But writing requires that I actually sit down and begin. That is what this is… A beginning….Now I simply need to find a middle and an end.


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