Finding the Magic

Christmas is the time of year when I am always looking for a little magic. The time of the year when the veil between the divine and the mortal thins. It is also the time when rushing, buying, decorating, and cooking often preoccupy my thoughts. I struggle to find the magic in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and sometimes succumb to cynicism.

Somehow I think that if I buy the perfect gift I will find a special joy. I often forget that the magic of Christmas arrived quietly, in fact, it was found in the stillness of a stable, behind the hustle and bustle of the crowded Inn.

The magic I seek is not found in the silver bells that ring, or the trees ladened with ornaments. It is not found in the dancing snowmen or Santa and his sleigh. Christmas magic is not in the ginger and cinnamon that entices my senses, or in the song of the carolers at the mall. It like the stable is somewhere behind the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The magic rests in the silence between the glitter. The silence behind the song. Behind the squeals of small children and in the aftermath of giving a sincere gift. It rests in the generosity of giving to the less fortunate and in loving our families in spite of their quirks.

The divine reaches closer to our heart during this season. The veil thins, and we can feel the Almighty spending peace like a farmer sowing seeds. I sing of peace and good will while hold hands with strangers in church, “Joy to the World”. I proclaim Christ’s birth and if I listen for a moment to the infinite. I can touch the divine.

I know this because I feel the gratitude swelling in my heart. I am at once aware that I am blessed. I glimpse if only for a moment, God’s perfect love and grace. The magic is in that perfect love extended from God’s heart to mine.

That moment rests in the beauty of the season. In the small silences behind the hustle. Pause and ponder for it is in the silence that grace is felt. It is in the beauty that love embraces the lonely, the hurting, and the lost. As I allow the beauty of this season to refresh, I am in essence embracing the magic of Christmas. The magic of the Magi!


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