Snows of Life

IMG_0500It is the nature of spring in Colorado, but it tends to dampen dreams of green pastures, flower adorned mountain sides, and sprouting gardens.After living in Colorado all my life, I have come to recognize that although it is indeed snowing, new life is hidden but just barely, veiled by the cold frozen slush of a spring snow storm. It peeks out from the white unable to contain it’s essence.

Life will bud and spring into the bright days of summer soon. Life cannot be stopped by nature’s icy attempt to hold onto the past winter season. You see life is always finding a way. Life is always moving into the present, heading towards the future while leaving the past season in the rear view mirror.

Unlike the trees that rest during the winter season knowing that they will awake and life will resume. We humans often fail to recognize that summer will come. Life will begin again perhaps with a false start or two but it will begin, grow and thrive.

Trust the process. Enjoy the journey. The memes that flash across our Facebook walls. Memes that although well meaning and positive, sometimes have no context and thus are somewhat meaningless. They ring like a preacher’s sermon shouted from a busy street corner.

I wonder if I can enjoy the journey enough to embrace old age, as a season in life rather than something to dread and avoid? I am in my mid 50’s right now and caring for my elderly parents. I am not sure how to respond to this journey called life.

I see the putrified bitterness that can poison an otherwise successful life, I see the stanch unyielding opinions that fuel argument rather that discussion, and I wonder if some of that conflict could be avoided.

Is it possible to fuel my opinions with empathy rather than “rightness”. I wonder how to become a loving elderly person rather that a resigned, old, bitter, regret filled person?

I can think of a lot of memes and scriptures that could give a quick trite answer to this question but I doubt that anything quoted or repeated would actually answer the question. Perhaps it is something that must be handled within ones self. Perhaps my spiritual growth, my empathy quotient, my ability to love and my zest for life is what needs work.

I think that maybe we need to care for the elderly, while we are young enough to make changes in our lives. Choosing life, chasing life and loving life seems to be important, as we age. Not simply holding on to life, but actively choosing it, and chasing it and enjoying every minute.

Unlike my bother who lost his life to cancer, some of us how have the privilege of engaging old age. We should relish, and enjoy it! While guarding our spirits by not allowing love and empathy to die and grow brittle from the snows of life.


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