Very Early

Yesterday, I was blessed to find myself out feeding my horses while the most spectacular lunar eclipse took place. At least the most spectacular lunar eclipse I have seen in my short 55 years.

Some of it is because I am now living in Elizabeth, Co., where light pollution does not interfere with astrological events. Some of it was that I was not in a hurry to get anything done, so I just settled into the moment and really soaked it in, like I do with the sun on a warm spring day.

I watched as the moon slowly turned a deep cooper shade of orange. It was after all a blood moon and rightfully named by whom ever gave a lunar eclipse that name. I can understand why early humans were a bit superstitious about eclipses. They play with you imagination.

Last week I laughed at one of my cousins who boldly posted on Facebook something like, “ Do you remember when the moon was just the moon?” . It made me laugh since there was a bunch of hoopla about this moon being a blue, blood, super moon.

Blue meaning it is the second full moon in a one month period of time. It happens every now and then and only it the full moon hits on the first of the month and there are 31 days in that month.

Blood moon only means there is a lunar eclipse that is happening that night, and Super moon is when it is closes to the earth in its rotation around the earth.

After watching the eclipse, I came inside to work on my current piano project. Very Early by Bill Evans sat in front of me and as I played it, I actually felt like perhaps Bill Evans had just seen the same lunar eclipse that I saw. The chords jumped of the page and surrounded my fingers, throwing sound waves into the air. These sound waves wrapped the room in a soft blanket of understanding. I connected to the song in a way that is somewhat of a mystery.

I don’t want to get too heady about this but to not acknowledge the connection to a higher power would be wrong as well. I have listened to Bill Evans talk about this, (on Youtube) he called it the Universal mind……Sounds a bit weird. I grew up in church and we call it the Holy Spirit. I have heard artists call it connecting with their muse.

I think there is no reason to freak out over semantics, for when it happens I know I have touched the unknown. I know deep in my spirit that I have connected with the unseen. I am moving in sync with God, if only for a moment in time.

It is why music and art are so powerful, art paves the way to this connection. It is this connection that I seek, I long for and crave with every fiber of my being. Perhaps that is why I was created, to connect and be apart of something bigger than myself.


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