Magic in a Potato

“…And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Ronald Dahl


I woke up today and entered my music room, I found a potato in the middle of the room. This random event, no doubt planted there by my crazy cat, made me laugh. In this world as school shootings, wild fires, horrible storms, and torrents of bad news blast my television screen, these types of random events prove to be my saving grace. They are, at the very least rays of light, in my relatively mundane days.

The more I pause to look, the more I see magic around every corner. I see it in my dogs eyes. I hear it in the whinny of my horse in the morning. I see it as the wind whips through the tall grasses that surround my house, I hear it in the rustle of the pine needles, as the breeze dances, bumping playfully into each individually. I am intimately aware of this magic or shall we call it, “God’s merciful grace”, it seeps out of the colors in the sky and and the glow of the moon at night.

This grace surrounds our busyness. I hangs out in the background silently waiting for a moment to delight. The funny thing about this magic is that at times we turn around and yell at it because we are not peaceful enough with ourselves to understand its power. At a different time in my life, I would have huffed over to pick up the potato, but now, I see this as a random sparkle of magic that simply adds a little glitter to my normal lifeI guess if I could tell my younger self something.

It would be look for the glitter, look for the grace, delight in the little things. They make life so much easier to live. Beauty can turn my heart to the things that really matter. Random events can sprinkle my life with the glitter of laughter. Laughter releases stress and delights my heart.


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