Mom Eyes

I am thinking of my Mother this weekend. She like all Mother’s always sees the best in me.

My Mother tells of a Sunday School teacher, who came to talk to her. I gather from my mother’s retelling of the story that she was quite upset with me for coloring an angel green with dark hair. I can only assume that she was of the opinion that angels were suppose to be colored yellow or gold or white. My mother laughed at her and in so doing, became my hero.

When I was in high school she painted a couple of ceramic angles green with dark brown hair just for me. Green angels have been my secret trademark and when they show up, they remind me to be me. I think that is what mom’s do best. They see the genius behind their child’s differences.

Mom’s believe their child is creative and blessed, and brilliant even when teachers and others see only their oddity. Mom’s see failures as exceptionally brilliant attempts to succeed. They have “Mom Eyes”.

I think we all need “Mom Eyes”. The kind of eyes that see potential. Eyes that encourage brilliant attempts and celebrate successes but eyes that also recognize the beauty and creativity of an epic fail.

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