Christmas Imperfections

“She wants to own the perfect designer house but her house was built in the 70’s with small rooms and small windows. She wants to be the perfect hostess but her rooms are small and she is a simple home cook. She wants her plate of cookies at the cookie exchange to be the most desirable, but they look like a simple chocolate chip cookie with blobs of white, in spite of her effort to decorate them with melted white chocolate strips. She will decorate a tree but it will not look as if it belongs in a magazine. She will mop her wood floor but it will not shine, it will remain dull with a thin soapy film…..and so the Christmas season begins, with it’s perfect parties, designer cookie plates and shiny floors.”

I want to celebrate the imperfections of this season. I want to celebrate the Christmas tree that was cut out of the forest with branches and lights that sag a little and are in no way uniform. I want to celebrate the cooks who make a good meatloaf, roast or chicken, but have no idea how to cook anything French or Asian. 

Maybe I am simply justifying the fact that I will never live up to the ideals I crave. I dare to believe that I am not the only person who feels just a little intimidated by the perfect tree pictures that have begun showing up on FB. I see a ribbon graceful circling a tree and I run out and buy a ribbon and I gently wrap my tree. My tree now looks like a tree being tired up and strangled. 

I want to believe that I am not the only one who shows up to parties that are displaying  

hors d’oeuvres that look as if they were assembled my master chefs, only to add my paper plate of celery sticks and dip to the table. I am not a complete social idiot or at least I tell myself that but even if I would have put my celery sticks on a crystal plate they can never compete with the rest of the delectable spread.

I even try buying a Christmas dress that I think is classy and I end up feeling like a glitter explosion with messy hair. Instead of feeling like I nailed it!

So to all the Glitter explosions, strangled, lopsided trees, wrong food choices and cookies with white chocolate blobs. I salute the season. Enjoy the imperfections! Enjoy the crumbled cookies, and the pot roast, enjoy your not so perfect family and the old Christmas records that skip and pop! 

We can each enjoy the season but we must first quit comparing reality to the fantasy of the commercial Christmas around us. We must find beauty in imperfect, love in chaos and silence in the midst of the busy noise. We must find Christ in the hustle and bustle of commerce and we must give to others without regard to the size of our house or our ability to decorate. 

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